Ecomoll provides an assistance service in specialized different aspects of the management of the environment for its sustainable exploitation or to evaluate the incidence of human actions.

The accumulated experience of our professionals, with participation in a large number of environment studies, is projected in the different services that Ecomoll offers.

We prepare and write offers, analyze their feasibility, draft the projects and coordinate them, if necessary, with the different specialists. We contribute to a society based on respect for people and the sustainable use of resources.

Ecomoll is led by Anna Ruiz, a biologist specializing in environmental consultancy with a vast experience of more than 20 years in the sector: Wastewater treatment with natural systems (Constructed Wetlands), Design of Gardens and Green spaces, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Reports on Urban Planning, Environmental Reports on Special Planes, Restoration Projects, and Technical Disputes for the TSJC.

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Vittorio Pedrocchi.

PhD. Biology
Wildlife specialist

Guilia Manenti.

Landscaping Architect

Laura Cid.

Environmental Science

Victor Castro.

Technical Architect

Carme Ruiz. Dra.

PhD. Archaeology


We work for a selection of private companies (large engineers and consulting firms), architecture studies and public administrations.